M.B. Smith Organizational Research & Consulting


Involvement-Based Management

This area of my research investigates the various techniques managers can use to not only get their employees engaged in their work but also committed to the organization. This research has been published in Journal of Management and International Journal of Human Resources. This research has supported involvement-based management to be a great predictor of employee thriving and innovation. Furthermore, involvement-based management is highly applicable through training and rewards. Organizational leaders have traditionally liked this approach, because involvement-based management serves as one way to motivate employees without making drastic changes to compensation plans.

Organizational Environments

Organizational environment is a term that constitutes a variety of concepts. Specifically, I am interested in organizational climates. These are the shared perceptions that employees have of the policies, practices, and procedures within their workplace and work teams. Essentially, climates express 'how things are done around here.' The great thing about climate, compared to something like culture, is that climate can be changed without overhauling organizational structure. In fact, climate can be influenced from a bottom-up approach starting with immediate managers. This makes climate an interesting topic for study, and its readily applicable in the workplace. I have published research on organizational climate in several outlets including Journal of Management.

Individuals & Groups

The final aspect of my research incorporates individual-level and group-level predictors of employee performance. Specifically, I study the processes that govern individual motivation, group/team composition, and individual differences in personality. I have also begun to study employee attitudes that are prevalent in the real-world, but understudied in academia. For example, I have begun to study apathy in the workplace. Ultimately, if we can explain and predict apathy, then we can prevent it! The same goes for employee and team performance - if we can explain and predict why employees do what they are supposed to do, then we can build systems to optimize employee performance. Some of my research in this area has been published in outlets such as Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Personality and Individual Differences.

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