M.B. Smith Organizational Research & Consulting

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Recent Publications

Webster, B.D., & Smith, M.B. (2018). The Dark Triad and organizational citizenship behaviors: The moderating role of high involvement management climate. Journal of Business and Psychology.

Smith, M.B., Hill, A.D., Wallace, J.C., Recendes, T., & Judge, T.A. (2018). The upside to dark and downside to bright personality: A review and future research agenda. Journal of Management, 44, 191-217.

Webster, B.D., Edwards, B.D., & Smith, M.B. (2018). Is holding two jobs too much? An examination of dual jobholders. Journal of Business and Psychology.

Smith, M.B., & Webster, B.D. (2018). Narcissus the innovator? The relationship between grandiose narcissism, innovation, and adaptability. Personality and Individual Differences, 121, 67-73.

Smith, M.B., & Webster, B.D. (2017). A moderated mediation model of Machiavellianism, social undermining, political skill, and supervisor-rated job performance. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 453-459.

Smith, M.B., Wallace, J.C., Vandenberg, R.J., & Mondore, S. (2016). Employee involvement climate, task and citizenship performance, and instability as a moderator. International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Smith, M.B., Wallace, J.C., & Jordan, P. (2016). When the dark ones become darker: How promotion focus moderates the effects of the Dark Triad on supervisor performance ratings. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37, 236-254.

Wallace, J.C., Butts, M., Stevens, F., Johnson, P.D., & Smith, M.B. (2016). A multilevel model of employee innovation: Understanding the effects of regulatory focus, thriving, and employee involvement climate. Journal of Management, 42, 982-1004.

Johnson, P.D., Smith, M.B., Wallace, J.C., Hill, A.D., & Baron, R.A. (2015). A review of multilevel regulatory focus in organizations. Journal of Management, 41, 1501-1529. 

Smith, M.B., Bryan, L. K., & Vodanovich, S.J. (2012). The counter-intuitive effects of flow on positive leadership and employee attitudes: Incorporating positive psychology into the management of organizations. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 15, 174-198.

Presentations and Talks

Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (2014, 2016, 2018)
Annual Meeting of the Southern Management Association (2012, 2013, 2014, 2018)
Annual Meeting of the European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology (2012)