M.B. Smith Organizational Research & Consulting


Selection & Assessment

The first step in building the best workforce is to recruit and select the most qualified individuals. The companies that do this really well typically apply traditional evidence-based techniques to recruitment and employee selection. However, modern organizations face challenges that require innovative and flexible selection protocols. I work with clients to develop procedures that are both efficient and effective. More importantly, I use evidence-based methods that have been shown to effectively protect against discrimination.


Training & Development

Companies spend more on training and development than most other business functions. However, most companies either cannot or do not have in-house experts in developing and administering effective training programs. My work with clients in this area has spanned conducting needs assessments to identify what needs to be trained and who needs the training, developing training programs by working with management and employees to develop goals and select the best method of delivery, to actually administering the training. The final part of my process is to assess the effectiveness of the training - did the employees learn what they were supposed to learn and are they applying it in their job? This is an important step that is often ignored.

Leadership Assessment

Whether leaders are born or made, organizations continue to struggle with the who, what, when, and where of leadership. Who are the people best suited to lead our company? What should we look for when identifying or grooming potential leaders? When do we know that someone is ready to take on a leadership role in our organization? Where should we look for leaders - inside or outside the organization? These are all questions that I have worked with clients to answer. Unfortunately, there are no simple answers to these questions, but there are methods through which organizations can identify and develop potential leaders.


Organizational Change

Organizational change is a vague term, but all companies eventually face the need to change in some way. The cause of the necessitated change may be internal or external, but there are often underlying issues that need to be addressed. I work with organizational leaders to provide an 'outsider' perspective and assist in identifying needs for change and leading the change initiative.

Employee Engagement & Apathy

The happy, engaged employee is a productive employee. However, organizational leaders face growing challenges with keeping employees engaged and involved. I work with organizational leaders to measure employee attitudes using various methods, which include surveys, focal groups, and observation. Then, we work together to determine what it is that is leading employees to feel (dis)engaged and how to make sure they avoid the pitfalls of employee apathy.